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Unit Activities!

The BHS NJROTC Unit has many annual activities. These range from our Military Ball to Basic Leadership Training to ceremonies.


Basic Leadership Training

Basic Leadership training is a one day Mini Boot camp done by the NS1 or freshmen class in mid to late September. BLT is REQUIRED to continue far in the unit. The training is not as severe as what a true boot camp will be, however, is considered a gateway into the program.


Military Ball

The BHS NJROTC Military Ball is a black tie formal event held in late March. The Cadets can volunteer to assist in its creation or simply enjoy the evenings festivities. We commonly have over 500 attendees and cannot guarantee parent attendance.

website chain of commad 213.jpg


Twice a year a ceremony is held to change the chain of command. In June the seniors graduate resulting in an entirely new Chain of Command,. In December or January we host our annual inspection which culminates in the promotion of the Battalion Commander and the subsequent Chain of Command.


Community Service

There are generally only a few yearly community service events. Most events tend to happen as the year goes on. The yearly events include the Bethel Christmas tree Pickup, Brotherhood in Action, and flag details. 

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