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Plan of the Week - 5/29/23

Updated: Aug 22, 2023


Bethel High School

David W. Deakin Educational Park

Bethel, CT 06801

(203) 794-8600 Ext. 1122

Senior Naval Science Instructor:

LCDR Mark Dwinells USN (Ret)

Naval Science Instructor:

MSGT Joseph Meehan USMC (Ret)

Battalion Chief of Staff: C/CDR Ella Burns-DeMelo

Battalion Commander: C/CDR Leah Horvath

Battalion Executive Officer: C/LCDR Molly Reed

Battalion Operations Officer: C/LCDR Yee-Ying Ng

Battalion Master Chief: C/MCPO Jack Gondoly

Alpha Co. Cdr: C/LCDR Kendall Famularo

Alpha Co. XO: C/LT Lola Resendes

Alpha Co. Senior Chief: C/SCPO Gabriel Barboza

Bravo Co. Cdr: C/LCDR PJ Cirella

Bravo Co. XO: C/LT Alyssa DiGrandi

Bravo Co. Senior Chief: C/SCPO Benjamin D’Amico

Plan of the Week

May 29th - June 4th, 2023

Quote Of The Week:

"...Even against the greatest of odds, there is something in the human spirit — a magic blend of skill, faith, and valor — that can lift men from certain defeat to incredible victory."

-Walter Lord, Historian, These words are inscribed on the WWII Memorial in Washington DC in tribute to the Soldiers in the battle of Midway.

Duty Platoon:

Alpha 3rd Platoon led by C/ENS Sophia Ochs and C/CPO Gabby Teixeira.

What’s Going On?

DayEventMonday the 29th

  • Danbury Memorial Day Parade @ 0800

Tuesday the 30th

  • No Events

Wednesday the 31th

  • Battalion Formation

Thursday the 1st

  • ​​Senior Awards Ceremony @ 0800

  • Western Connecticut Military Officers Association Awards Ceremony @ 1800

Friday the 2nd

  • No Events

Saturday the 3rd

  • Western CT Orienteering Competition Bethel Middle School @1000

Sunday the 4th

  • No Events

Remember to check your school Gmail and Google Classroom EVERY DAY!

Looking Ahead!

  • June 1st- WCTMOA Awards Ceremony(Colorguard)

  • June 7th- NJROTC Awards Ceremony

  • June 9th - NJROTC Picnic

  • June 13th- BHS Senior Graduation

  • June 17th - Bethel Brotherhood in Action Food Delivery

Bravo Zulu: To the cadets who marched in the Danbury Memorial Day parade and Cadet Steele for being named the best vocalist at Music in the Parks.,

What Are We Learning?

NS1: First Aid 101 / Heimlich Maneuver and using an AED

NS2: Group projects in Manufacturing Lab

NS3: The Korean War and the Bridges at Toko Ri

NS4: Graduation Plan and Take a Message to Garcia

Patriotic Lesson of the Week

May 31th:

Character Trait of the Week

Creativity: The use of the imagination or original ideas, especially in the production of works of art

Opposite: Not having or involving imagination or original ideas

“Creativity is seeing what others see and thinking what no one else ever thought”

Vocabulary Word of the Week:

Tenacity (noun) - the quality or fact of being very determined; persistence

Example Sentence: The tenacity of the cadets was congratulated by all those present.

This Week in History:

May 29th, 1848 - Wisconsin enters the union.

May 30rd, 1911 - The first Indianapolis 500 is held.

May 31st, 1916 - Battle of Jutland, greatest naval battle of WWI, begins.

June 1st, 1990 - George H.W. Bush and Mikhail Gorbachev agree to end production of chemical weapons.

June 2nd, 1865 - American Civil War ends.

June 3rd, 1916 - U.S. President Woodrow Wilson signs the National Defense Act.

June 4th, 1942 - The battle of Midway Began, resulting in an American victory making it a turning point in the war in the Pacific

This Week in Ethnic History:

May 29th - Following numerous failed attempts by others, Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay became the first climbers to surmount Mount Everest, the highest mountain in the world (29,032 feet [8,849 meters]), on this day in 1953.

May 30th - Countee Cullen, poet, born in Baltimore, 1903

May 31st - National Negro Committee (now NAACP) held first conference, New York, 1909

June 1st - Sojourner Truth begins travel as abolitionist speaker, 1843 Slavery abolished in all US possessions, 1862

June 2nd - Harriet Tubman led Union Army guerillas into Maryland freeing more than 700 slaves, 1863. James Augustine Healey became the first Black Catholic Bishop in the US, 1875

June 3rd - Dr Charles Richard Drew, pioneer of blood plasma research, born, 1904-1950 Poor People's March on Washington, 1968

June 4th - Mississippi Valley State University founded 1951

National Day Calendar:

May 29th - National Biscuit Day

May 30th - National Water a Flower Day

May 31st - National Flip Flop Day

June 1st - National Go Barefoot Day

June 2nd - National Fish and Chip Day

June 3rd - National Egg Day

June 4th - National Cancer Survivors Day

SAT Question of the Week:

Maria is staying at a hotel that charges $99.95 per night plus tax for a room. A tax of 8% is applied to the room rate, and an additional one time untaxed fee of $5.00 is charged by the hotel. Which of the following represents Maria’s total charge, in dollars, for staying x nights?

  1. (99.95 + 0.08x) + 5

  2. 1.08(99.95x) + 5

  3. 1.08(99.95x + 5)

  4. 1.08(99.95 + 5)x

Explanation: The total charge that Maria will pay is the room rate, the 8% tax on the room rate, and a fixed fee. If Maria stayed x nights, then the total charge is (99.95x + 0.08 * 99.95x) + 5, which can be rewritten as 1.08(99.95x) + 5

Answer: B

Always remember that Khan Academy and the CollegeBoard QOTD app have free resources to study with. You can also contact the Academic Officer to receive Extra Help or Tutoring.

Promotion/Inspection Prep:

Promotion Tip:

Make sure you get your uniform dry-cleaned before June 7the for our award ceremony. Ensure that all uniform devices are properly on your uniform, if you need help with uniform devices please get the help that you need.

Promotion Question:

What is the measurement for the ribbons on a female uniform?

  1. 6 ¾ inch from the shoulder seam

  2. A quarter inch above the pocket

  3. 6 inch from the shoulder seam

  4. Where ever looks right

Correct Answer: A

6 ¾ inch from the shoulder seam

Wellbeing Tips:

Fitness Tip:

Save abdominal exercises for the end of your workout. Tiring your core in the beginning of the workout may lead you to compromise your forms when training other muscle groups. The core contracts first in almost every type of exercise, and it is vital to have a strong core for good form when exercising your biceps, quads, triceps, and many other muscles.

“People achieve better results when they do core exercises at the beginning of their workout instead of the end,” says Alwyn Cosgrove, C.S.C.S., coauthor of The New Rules of Lifting for Abs.

Nutrition Tip:

In order to gain muscle you should be eating approximately .5-.8 grams of protein per pound of body weight.

Financial Tip:

Automatically contribute to your savings account from every paycheck to ensure that you are not only making money to spend it. Save it.

According to

Technology Tip:

If your computer is slowing down, bring it to a repair shop and ask for them to change the thermal paste. This can usually extend its lifespan for another 3 years.

Lady Leadership:

Thank you to all who attended our annual dinner! We had an extremely successful year and thank you to all the ladies who made an effort to come to our meetings!

If you have not received emails regarding meetings, please contact Kendall Famularo (email: phone: (203) 297-1495)

If you’d like to receive updates, text @ad26dkg to 81010. Additionally, if you have suggestions for upcoming meetings and activities, fill out this form!


Please email or text Ben D’Amico with any suggestions for the Gents meeting

Email: Phone: 475-279-9642

“A true gentleman is one that apologizes anyways, even though he has not offended a lady intentionally. He is in a class all of his own because he knows the value of a woman's heart.”

― Shannon Alder

Environmental Facts/Tips

Fact: The Armillaria Ostoyae is the largest organism on the planet, not the Blue Whale. The Blue Whale’s length is estimated to be around 110ft, while the Armillaria is 3 billion, 165 million, 257 thousand, 8 hundred feet long. It is a vast, interconnected organism constructed of billions of mushroom spores, and is 8,650 years old.

Tip: Pick up trash when you see it on the ground even if it isn’t yours. By picking up garbage, you are helping protect nature and preventing garbage from entering our water and food!

Next Promotion Board: No Board Scheduled

Next Chief Review Board:

No Board Scheduled

Upcoming Chief Projects:

If you want to head a Chief Project, please contact Cadet Master Chief Jack Gondoly

📱Contact Us📱

Bethel NJROTC Website :

Unit Calendar (updated daily):

Follow us on Facebook! Click the link below! Request to join our group!

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