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Plan of The Week - 8/28/23


Bethel High School

David W. Deakin Educational Park

Bethel, CT 06801

(203) 794-8600 Ext. 1122

Senior Naval Science Instructor:

LCDR Mark Dwinells USN (Ret)

Naval Science Instructor:

MSGT Joseph Meehan USMC (Ret)

Battalion Chief of Staff: Vacant

Battalion Commander: C/CDR Noah Fuller

Battalion Executive Officer: C/LCDR Marcus Gaspar

Battalion Operations Officer: C/LCDR Gabriella Teixeira

Battalion Master Chief: C/MCPO Joseph Caram

Alpha Co. Cdr: C/LCDR Sophia Ochs

Alpha Co. XO: C/LT Azelia Rodrigez

Alpha Co. Senior Chief: C/SCPO Jacob Ledan

Bravo Co. Cdr: C/LCDR Thomas Patten

Bravo Co. XO: C/LT Analisse Padilla

Bravo Co. Senior Chief: C/SCPO Esther Riberio

Plan of the Week

August 28th - September 1st, 2023

Quote Of The Week:

“It is only when we take chances, when our lives improve. The initial and the most difficult risk that we need to take is to become honest.

-Walter Anderson, American painter and writer

Duty Platoon:

Alpha 1st Platoon led by C/ENS Lincoln Ackerman and C/CPO Domenic Varano

What’s Going On?

Monday the 28th

  • First Day of School 23/24

  • Staff/Chief Sweaters @1445

  • Drone Team Practice

Tuesday the 29th

  • Drone Team Practice

Wednesday the 30th

  • First Battalion Formation (0715)

  • Drone Team Practice

Thursday the 31st

  • Drone Team Practice

Friday the 1st

  • Health Restraining Forms Due

  • Drone Team Practice

Saturday the 2nd

  • No Events

Sunday the 3rd

  • No Events

Remember to check your school Gmail and Google Classroom EVERY DAY!

Looking Ahead!

September 6th

Dress for Success

September 6th

NJROTC Parent Orientation (1900-2030)

September 13th

Open House (1800-2000)

September 29th

Basic Leadership Training


Drone Team Practices. Please contact if interested.

Bravo Zulu: To all the cadets that participated in leadership academy sail training, and all other summer programs that were offered over the summer.

What Are We Learning?

NS1: Intro to NJROTC and the Cadet Creed

NS2: Leadership and Citizenship 202

NS3: Leadership and Citizenship 303

NS4: Unit Leadership and Project Management

Patriotic Lesson of the Week

September 5, 1774 - The first continental congress was assembled in Philadelphia with 56 delegates who represented every colony except Georgia. These people included Patrick Henry, George Washington, Sam Adams, and John Hancock.

Character Trait of the Week

Creativity: The use of the imagination or original ideas, especially in the production of works of art

Opposite: Not having or involving an imagination or original ideas

“Creativity is seeing what others see and thinking what no one else ever thought”

Vocabulary Word of the Week:

Emetic (noun) - An agent that causes vomiting.

Example Sentence: The drug was known to have emetic side effects.

This Week in History:

August 28th, 1955 - Emmett Till is murdered

August 29th, 1533 - Spanish conquistador Francisco Pizarro executes last Inca emperor

August 30th, 1918 - Vladimir Lenin shot

August 31st, 1888 - Jack the Ripper Murders his first victim

September 1st, 1939 - Germany invades Poland Starting World War II

September 2, 1666 - The Great London fires started with over 13,000 houses being burnt

September 3, 1976 - NASA’s Viking 2 landed on Mars and relayed information about the red planet

National Day Calendar:

August 28 - National Bowtie Day

August 29 - National Lemon Juice Day

August 30 - National Grief Awareness Day

August 31 - National Overdose Awareness Day

September 1 - National Food Bank Day

September 2 - National Bacon Day

September 3 - National Bowling League Day

SAT Question of the Week:

The parasitic dodder plant increases its reproductive success by flowering at the same time as the host plant it has latched onto. In 2020, Jianqiang Wu and his colleagues determined that the tiny dodder achieves this _______ with its host by absorbing and utilizing a protein the host produces when it is about to flower.

Which choice completes the text with the most logical and precise word or phrase?

  1. synchronization

  2. hibernation

  3. prediction

  4. moderation

Explanation: Choice 1 is the best answer because it most logically completes the text’s discussion of a relationship between the dodder plant and its host plant. As used in this context, “synchronization” means the act of things happening at the same time. The text indicates that the dodder and its host plant flower in unison.

Answer: 1

Always remember that Khan Academy and the CollegeBoard QOTD app have free resources to study with. You can also contact the Academic Officer to receive Extra Help or Tutoring.

Promotion/Inspection Prep:

Promotion Tip:

Make sure you get your uniform dry-cleaned before June 7th for our award ceremony. Ensure that all uniform devices are properly on your uniform, if you need help with uniform devices please get the help that you need.

Promotion Question:

What is a E1 in the Navy.

  1. Seaman

  2. Commander

  3. Seaman Recruit

  4. PO3

Correct Answer: C

Seaman Recruit

Wellbeing Tips:

Fitness Tip:

Getting a fitness tracker or using the step tracking function on your smartphone can make you much more aware of how physically active or inactive you are. It’s recommended that you get around 6,000 steps a day, being a teenager, and by tracking your activity, it will be easier to set goals for yourself and work towards improvement.

Nutrition Tip:

There's a general guideline known as the “10-10-5 rule” to help you choose healthy food options. Look at the average quantity per 100g column and aim for foods that have less than 10g sugar, less than 10g fat and more than 5g fiber

Financial Tip:

Automatically contribute to your savings account from every paycheck to ensure that you are not only making money to spend it. Save it. According to

Technology Tip:

Formatted Data is a common cause of input lag and slow response time for computers. If a form you have isn’t loading try limiting the photos or joining them to reduce these issues.

Lady Leadership:

Hello all ladies!! Welcome to the NJROTC 2023-2024 School Year! We are looking forward to a great school year. As we are still planning for our first meeting, please look out for any emails regarding the beginning of the school year for the program! Also, reminder that dress for success is next week, so if you have any questions concerning that, please ask!!

If you have any questions regarding anything, please contact Lyndsey Durkin or McKenna Marcoux!

(203) 947-1480

(203) 733-6166


Good Afternoon Gents, I hope you all are enjoying your first couple of days of school. Cadet Ackermen and I are very excited to get to know all of you. We will be sending out information about our first meeting within these next few weeks. Please contact us with any questions you have.

Marcus gaspar

Gents quote of the day:

“Slow it all down, to build it back up.” -Coach Grimes

Environmental Facts/Tips

Fact: Antarctica used to be a desert! Its cold temperature slowly froze and compressed the sand into the glaciers that make it up today.

Tip: Did you know that by recycling bottles you can earn money back? When you recycle bottles, cans, or glass most businesses will give you 5 cents back for every item recycled. This is a great way to help the environment and earn a little extra money!

Next Promotion Board:

TBD september

Next Chief Review Board:

No Board Scheduled

Upcoming Chief Projects:

If you want to head a Chief Project, please contact Cadet Master Chief Joseph Caram

📱Contact Us📱

Bethel NJROTC Website:

Unit Calendar (updated daily):

Follow us on Facebook! Click the link below! Request to join our group!

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